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The SAUK-SABC Bulletin was the listings magazine for South African Broadcasting Corporation programming. Shortly after the Sonovision Avengers commenced its run in December 1971, a feature in the February 14th 1972 edition took listeners behind the scenes on the new series. The original article, kindly supplied by Donald Monat and June Dixon, can be downloaded in high resolution format (380KB) from our Free Stuff section (which also contains other pages from this edition). Alternatively, it can be viewed in a lower resolution via the link beneath the transcription. So many choices!

SAUK-SABC BULLETIN - February 14th 1972



"In this newest series on Springbok Radio's 7.15p.m. channel, John Steed and Emma Peel - The Avengers - are exposed to every hazard that ingenuity can devise, including various happenings that appear to have a supernatural element. They combine their considerable charm and courage to combat some very unpleasant villains and foil their dastardly plots. John Steed and Emma Peel are a law unto themselves and, unlike most popular thriller heroes and heroines, have no M figures or Uncles to control their activities.

There is never any indication of who needs The Avengers, but when the call Mrs. Peel - we're needed! arrives, they are ready to embark upon another extraordinary adventure which will provide the listener with a way of escape from an ordinary, uneventful existence into a life filled with danger, excitement and new experiences. An essential to the series is its Englishness and its off-beat humour. 

Steed is a highly trained and ruthless professional who cloaks his activities behind the facade of a handsome debonair and witty man-about-town. Mrs. Peel, his glamorous assistant, is a wealthy young widow who is an auburn-haired beauty with a sparkling wit. She tackles her opponents with a variety of spectacular techniques. 

Each adventure is completed in five episodes - from Monday to Friday. The Avengers, which is adapted and directed by Tony Jay, comes from the Sonovision Studios which originated the popular Squad Cars, Taxi and Die Wildtemmer. The series is produced by David Gooden."

Text reproduced from SAUK-SABC Bulletin

View the original article (low resolution)