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Annabel Linder, photograph by Ruphin Coudyzer, 1983

For many years, Annabel Linder has been a major star in South African show business - as a cabaret artist, singer, comedienne and actress. In serious vein, she starred in Fraud (1973), an off-beat movie thriller produced and directed by Donald Monat that was inspired by a real-life stock exchange swindle. 

During the seventies, Annabel played in many hundreds of radio plays, series and serials produced in Johannesburg. "You could be anything and do anything on radio," she later commented. "I once spoke to myself, playing a mother and a daughter in conversation because some or other actress didn't pitch up!" 

She has worked in several American-backed films made in South Africa including Lunarcop (1994), Operation Delta Force II: Mayday (1998) and Never Say Die (1995), as Mrs. Viccaro, coincidentally alongside fellow Avengers actor, Hal Orlandini

Annabel has appeared extensively on stage and television in South Africa in a wide variety of roles and, recently, she has received great acclaim in the live theatre, for her performance in Rose, a one-character play about a holocaust survivor, in which she holds the stage alone for more than two hours.

by Donald Monat and Alan Hayes