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Hal Orlandini

Best known to South African audiences as one of the country's outstanding comedians and actors, Hal Orlandini has enjoyed an extensive career in all media. In radio, he played in many long running comedy series, including several written by Donald Monat and June Dixon such as Son Of Livingstone (in which he played the title role), Carry On Caltex and The Bloodhounds, in most of which he frequently co-starred with Michael Mayer. You can hear him (deep in character as an Afrikaner policeman) in The Avengers clip from the Springbok Radio Silver Jubilee show, The Great Gong Robbery, available in the Free Stuff section of this website. 

He also often played in the popular afternoon children's adventure series Jet Jungle, which also starred The Avengers' Diane Appleby. There was one occasion for which he has become infamous. The show was on air, and Jet, played by the late Brian O'Shaughnessy, was fighting against the Mafia. This was all well and good until Orlandini was heard in the background saying in a pronounced Italian accent: "Hi! I've got the biggest balls in Italy. Do you want to look at them? Here they are!" This prank was met by an angry call from Springbok Radio boss, Jack Siebert, to O'Shaughnessy (who also served as writer on Jet Jungle). 

In addition to a distinguished stage career, often in serious dramatic roles, Hal has also appeared in many American and British films that were made in South Africa, including Game For Vultures (1979), Purgatory (1988), Never Say Die (1994), Operation Delta Force (1997) and Burndown (1990), the cast of which also which also included Hugh Rouse

by Donald Monat and Alan Hayes