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Rex Garner, photograph Ian Hamilton 1981

Hear Rex Garner in The Avengers
(from The Fantasy Game Episode 5)

Rex Garner is a veteran of South African theatre, highly acclaimed and practically a legend in his own lifetime. Garner's long career has seen him become one of the most respected and reknowned directors of theatre in South Africa. He is particularly noted for his work both as actor and director in comedies and farces. He has worked as principal director for Pieter Toerien, a major theatre producer of theatre for many years. Toerien has named the small theatre in his Alhambra complex The Rex Garner Theatre in appreciation of Rex's considerable services to South African show business.

Rex started his career in Britain where he worked extensively in television and theatre. He did much work in situation comedy, appearing notably in the Associated Rediffusion series, My Wife and I in 1958, with Mai Zetterling and Joan Benham. He first went out to South Africa in the late-Sixties, and divided his time and career between there and Britain. In South Africa, he immersed himself in the theatre, and also completed a great deal of radio work. In Britain, he was seen on the stage and on television. He appeared as Captain Ashley-Jones in an episode of Jimmy Perry and David Croft's smash hit wartime comedy series, Dad's Army, and featured in another, less well-remembered, project of Perry's, Lollipop Loves Mr. Mole in 1972.

More recently, Rex Garner's theatre work has continued to great acclaim, and he has also been seen in the high profile BBC Television mini-series, Rhodes - filmed in South Africa - in the role of Sir Henry Loch. 

Today, Rex Garner divides his time between Great Britain and South Africa.

by Donald Monat with Alan Hayes