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in which John Steed and Emma Peel are told of a serious security leak and realise that this will be A CASE OF INTERROGATION."

Two men are sitting outside a room where interrogations are going on. One of them goes in and a man named Col. Mannering violently demands to know the names of his contacts, but he gives nothing but his name (Caspar), rank and serial number. Mother is worried because this Caspar, one of his important intelligence men, is missing - so Mrs. Peel and a forensic team examines his apartment. When one of Caspar’s contacts is killed, Mother reluctantly discloses the identity of Caspar’s other contact to Steed, but he gets to him too late.

You Will Answer My Questions! 
"Question number one," screamed Col. Mannering chewing the scenery, "who is the best James Bond?"

in which John Steed and Emma Peel try to help a very bewildered Mother in A CASE OF INTERROGATION."

The second contact had managed to tell Steed where he was going to meet Caspar. Steed collects Mrs. Peel, return to Mother and then, after some speculation, they go to the meeting place. There they find Caspar and take him back to Mother. Steed then sends Mrs. Peel to check on another intelligence man, Minnow, who is just being visited by Mannering.

in which John Steed and Emma Peel rush about getting nowhere fast and Mother has his own way of conducting A CASE OF INTERROGATION."

Minnow is taken away by Mannering out of a back door. At Mother’s, after the body of Caspar’s second contact is shown to him, Caspar is persuaded to go away and think about how he could be responsible for the deaths of his two contacts. Steed follows and sees him releasing a homing pigeon! Meanwhile, Mrs. Peel enters Minnow's apartment. He too gets interrogated by Mannering about his contacts. During the session, the pigeon arrives and Mannering recognises it as having come from Caspar. He decides that Caspar must now be eliminated.

in which John Steed finds himself at a dead end and the balloon goes up for Emma Peel in what is clearly A CASE OF INTERROGATION."

Steed hears Caspar being shot dead as Mrs. Peel examines Minnow's flat. Mother and Steed now decide they had better try and warn Minnow's contacts. Mrs. Peel is sent to the first one but can only witness him being shot and informs Mother, who is now understandably very worried about the second one. Minnow is now almost being tortured about this second contact, but strangely appears to think it's all just a test - part of some training course. Mrs. Peel finds the second contact and helps him get his attacker's gun and shoots him.

in which John Steed and Mother remain baffled by the whole affair and Emma Peel is taken away for A CASE OF INTERROGATION."

The second contact disappears and no-one at Mother's HQ knows who his would-be assassin is until Minnow unexpectedly walks in and seems to recognise him. Thinking they are in on the test, he says, "I want to contact Mannering". Now they may get somewhere. Mannering is, however, calling on a very tired, off-duty Mrs. Peel and convinces her that she must also come for training. Minnow doesn't know where it was, but remembers the name of the course and Mother phones intelligence to check it.

in which John Steed gets on the beam at last and Emma Peel has her first experience of A CASE OF INTERROGATION."

Mrs. Peel is taken into the building where the 'courses' are still very much going on. One man, Mallard, seems to know her and Mannering talks to another RAF man. At Mother's HQ, he tells Minnow that he phoned the authorities and the course does not exist. Minnow still insists he didn't talk. As Mallard is being grilled for a name by Mannering he suddenly stops, says "You've passed," and takes him to the bar. Mallard is then tricked into giving the name. At the same time, Minnow, realising he must have been tricked in the bar too, says "I have a pigeon".

in which John Steed drops in on Centre Fifty Three where he and Mrs. Peel call Col. Mannering’s bluff concerning A CASE OF INTERROGATION."

Minnow explains to Steed that if he releases his pigeon, Mannering is to contact him within the hour. Mrs. Peel is now being interrogated as to Steed's whereabouts. With Minnow releasing the pigeon, Steed follows in a helicopter! It leads him to the building where Mrs. Peel is being ever more forcibly questioned. Mannering issues pistols to all his 'trainees' telling them they contain blanks and that in this test, there are ten points for whoever shoots the intruder, a Mr. Steed, who they may know. Mrs. Peel breaks free as Steed gets into the building past the shooting guards. About to be shot by five of the men (who intend to share the points) he persuades them, with Mrs. Peel's assistance, to first take a shot at Mannering. He survives the real bullets, but his deadly scheme has come to an end.

by Ron Geddes

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