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MI12 have lost one of their agents, Roger Jarret, and Mother instructs Steed and Emma to find him. One lead is that Jarret, a spot security check man, was visiting British Cypher Headquarters but no-one there remembers him when Steed questions them. Mrs. Peel has more luck at Jarret's flat. She finds his body hidden there - killed by a gunshot. One thing Steed does find is Jarret's cigarette lighter (in truth a mini camera). The photographs developed from the film show apparently very ordinary photographs of the Cypher HQ offices, but prove that Jarret did visit the HQ. They give the photos to Peters of MI12, but as he telephones Steed with information Peters is shot by one of a couple of window cleaners.

Steed and Mrs. Peel arrive at Peters' office but the photographs have been burnt. However, Steed still has the negatives so some more prints are made, and in one shot a window cleaner's van is visible, belonging to the Classy Glass Cleaning Company. Steed investigates the company and meets the proprietor, Charles Lather - a seemingly amiable if eccentric man. As Steed leaves after the meeting two window cleaners, Maskin (the man who shot Peters) and Vickers, follow him in a Glassy Class van. Maskin and Vickers attempt to run Steed off the road and cause him to crash.


Steed investigates the Classy Glass Cleaning Co. - and tries to wangle a free window clean into the bargain...

Meanwhile, Mrs. Peel has been assigned to covert office duties at Cypher HQ where everything appears normal. She is surprised to learn that Steed, recovered from the crash, had tried to telephone her at the HQ but the line was dead. Even more worrying is that Ferret, another MI12 agent, had visited Cypher HQ that day but she has no memory of him at all. They find Ferret's dead body in a Classy Glass van but have to leave it when Maskin arrives. The next day Emma and Steed ring each other regularly while she is at Cypher HQ but after a while the line is out of order again. This is because the men from Classy Glass have blocked the line before going to the HQ and using a knock-out gas to immobilise the Cypher staff. Then they are able to go through the Cypher files and photograph valuable information. During all this the Cypher staff are played a tape telling them it is "...a perfectly normal, perfectly ordinary day" in order to cover the hole in their memory.

Steed infiltrates the building, dressed in a window cleaner's uniform, and after despatching some of the Classy Glass men, wakes up Mrs. Peel. However, Lather - head of the operation - turns on them with a gun. He and his men have been stealing secrets for some days, but before he can shoot Steed, Mrs. Peel knocks him out with a ladder.

by Alys Hayes

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