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Steed and Mrs. Peel are instructed by Mother to investigate the violent deaths of several high-powered executives. The only apparent link between the dead men is that they worked for various engineering or electronic companies, and all have had dealings with the Harachi Corporation - a Japanese electronics firm. It seems that whoever killed these men is incredibly strong, immune to bullets, and an expert in Karate.

Suspecting that there is a plot by one company to eliminate rivals for Harachi's European concession, Mrs. Peel visits a Karate school where one of the star pupils is Uyama ("The Mountain"). Uyama's real name is Jephcott, head of Jephcott Products - another company in competition for Harachi's contract - and he is a prime suspect in the case, until he too, is killed by the mystery assassin. 

It's A Killer! 
They may not win any fashion awards, but they always get their man...

Meanwhile, Steed learns about another company, United Automation led by the wheelchair-bound Dr. Armstrong. He is an ex-Ministry scientist who left under a cloud, and set up his own company to pursue his dream of building machines strong enough and intelligent enough to do the work of humans. Steed infiltrates the company posing as a journalist and interviews Armstrong. However, unknown to Steed, his cover has been blown and Armstrong lets him go after giving him a distinctive fountain pen - in truth a tracking device.

Steed later goes back to United Automation at night and breaks in. He discovers that Armstrong has been building machines called Pabulum Robots - seven foot-tall metal men that are incredibly strong and have programmable brains. They have been used to dispose of Armstrong's rivals by following the trace signals emanating from the special pens that Armstrong has given his victims. A Pabulum Robot is despatched to kill Steed, but as Steed (hiding in United Automation's air conditioning tunnel) realises, Mrs. Peel now has the pen. Luckily, Mrs. Peel unknowingly avoids the robot at her flat, and goes to the United Automation building to find Steed. Steed is captured but manages to overpower Armstrong's assistant. He reaches Mrs. Peel and they set the robots against each other by planting a tracker pen on one of the machines. Armstrong, in a moment of madness, tries to stop the robots destroying each other but is killed in the process.

by Alys Hayes

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