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This serial was based on Dial A Deadly Number, first broadcast in 1965. The original television script was written by Roger Marshall, and the episode featured Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel.

Name Changes:
There appears to be some confusion as to the first name of the character, Yuill. He is referred to both as Frederick Yuill and Brian Yuill at different points in the narrative in both the TV and radio versions. The radio version subsequently tries to make some sense of this by having the narrator call him Brian Frederick Yuill! 

A Fitch in Time...
Emma Peel encounters Fitch, a little man with a very black hobby.

Character Changes:
Yuill appears to have acquired an undefined European accent, whereas he is plainly British in the TV version.

In Episode Four, the character of J.P. Warner is clearly being played by the actor playing Fitch - who makes no attempt to match the previous actor's gruff delivery. It is of course possible that Fitch is pretending to be Warner, but this is not made clear.

Storyline Changes:
Ruth Boardman suffers a more dramatic fate in the radio adaptation - she is shot whilst trying to defend her husband from Ben Jago, and is killed. The TV version of this scene does not have her character present; she is only referred to by Henry Boardman as a wife he has lost, implying that their marriage is over due to her infidelity and complicity in Jago and Harvey's scheme.

Not so much a storyline change as a change of mind - at the end of Episode Two, Mrs. Peel mentions to J.P. Warner that she is a relative of the late Norman Todhunter. By the start of Episode Three, she is merely "a friend"!

by Alys Hayes

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