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This serial was based on Escape in Time, first broadcast in 1967. The original television script was written by Philip Levene, and the episode featured Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel.

Sonovision produced two versions of Escape In Time. The first adaptation was transmitted as the series opener in December 1971, while this version was produced later in the series, rewritten by Dennis Folbigge. The original version was adapted and directed by Tony Jay and did not feature the character of Mother.

It's A Stick Up!
That's no way to curry favour with Vesta, Steed...

Name Changes:
Thyssen is referred to as 'Tayssen' during Episode One, which then reverts to 'Thyssen' in Episodes Two and Three.

Character Changes:
Mother appears in this version, although he was not in the TV episode. Some of Mother's lines here were, on television, given to the character of Clapham, a Ministry official, played by Geoffrey Bayldon (see Storyline Changes).

Storyline Changes:
The TV version has the tailing of suspects, such as Colonel Josino, in Mackiedockie Court taking place entirely on foot, and doubles are used to put the agents off the scent of those they are following. Indeed, in the television show, Emma attempts to follow Steed as he negotiates the route to Thyssen, but is deflected by a double of Steed and loses track of her partner. The radio version has her involved in the car chase with Vesta and Mitchell at this point.

Emma is not forced off the road in the TV version, but follows Vesta's car, which she then finds abandoned. Walking into a nearby field, she is attacked by a man riding a motorcycle but eventually escapes when the man crashes his machine.

The radio series makes mention of Thyssen's clients requiring a passport (reasonable enough!), but in the TV programme the 'passport' is actually a series of stuffed toys, which are exchanged as part of the procedure leading to Thyssen.

When Mrs. Peel follows the escape route, in the radio version, she goes to the barber's asking for after shave lotion for Steed. In the television version, she simply goes for a shave! Understandably, the barber is perplexed - until Emma waves her stuffed toy...

Peter Bowles, in the television version affects a speech impediment while playing Waldo Thyssen, intended to differentiate him from the other incarnations of the Thyssen family that he portrays. This does not recurr in the radio adaptation.

The radio episodes describe Thyssen's time travel machine as being a giant computer. The television version is altogether more bizarre - to send people back to the past, he operates a one-armed bandit machine, the spinning wheels stopping on the year requested!

Mother appears several times in this serial. Many of the lines Mother is given to speak in Episode One were originally assigned to another Ministry character, Clapham, in the TV version (although on TV, Clapham is clearly not an authority figure and does not send Paxton on the Thyssen case). Clapham's appearance is in a morgue, where clearly he would not be munching on raven pie, laid on for Mother in the radio episodes at his Tower of London HQ. This latter setting and the associated dialogue, were specially written for the radio version and were reputed to have been absent from the earlier Sonovision version of this story.

by Alys Hayes

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