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Returning from an all-night party, Steed and Mrs. Peel find a dying agent - Ronny Westcott - at Steed's flat. Ronny only manages to tell them that a genie and honey were involved in his death, and that the full story can be found in the rooms of his murdered colleague, George Reed. Steed goes to Reed's home, but someone else - a thug called Vincent - is already there burning Reed's papers. Vincent escapes and all Steed finds in the room are jars of honey. 

Meanwhile, Mrs. Peel gets a delivery of Best British Honey at Steed's flat, from B. Bumble and Co. The parcel had been sent to Steed by Reed before his death. 

Cool Dude!

Cool Dude... 
Like all the best assassins, Arkadi was born with his sunglasses on...

Emma visits B. Bumble and Co., and whilst she is there Vincent and his associate Bernie (who both work for a Turkish man named Arkadi) arrive in the shop. Steed, examining the honey in Reed's room, gets a call from Mr. Ponsonby Hopkirk of QQF Inc. Hopkirk thinks that Steed is Reed, and asks him to come over to the QQF building for his appointment. QQF - Quite Quite Fantastic - is an organisation which helps people live out their fantasies. Steed asks for the same fantasy as Ronny Westcott - which turns out to be playing chief eunuch in a harem! Bernie has followed Emma back to Steed's flat, and tries to shoot her, but in the ensuing fight the gun goes off and kills Bernie instead. Emma goes back to Bumble's shop and finds that Bumble is dead, and next to him is Vincent East's application for the QQF. She visits the QQF, posing as a journalist, and meets Hopkirk. After she leaves Vincent arrives for his fantasy - an assassination. Back at the flat Steed and Emma realise the connection between the QQF, with its Arabian fantasy and Bumble's honey. Bumble had been at the Bahrainian embassy a few days before delivering honey for the harem. Vincent, meanwhile, shoots Hopkirk dead during his assassination fantasy - which involves the killing of the Crown Prince of Bahrain. Vincent then takes the QQF file for this venture in order to use it to assassinate the Crown Prince.

Steed and Emma find the dying Hopkirk who tells them that the Prince is to be killed the next night, but dies before giving details. Steed visits the embassy and gets on famously with Crown Prince Ali, as they share a love of cricket. He is invited back by the Prince to a banquet the following night, and brings Emma along as an offering for the harem. Steed has also noticed the man-size jars of honey around the embassy which could be used to smuggle in the killer. Arkadi is another guest at the banquet - it seems his government is losing the Bahrainian oil concession to the British government - so he is plotting to have the Prince killed in Britain in order to sour relations between Britain and Bahrain. Mrs. Peel does indeed join the harem and investigates the large honey jars inside. She finds the one used to smuggle Vincent in and saves the Prince from being killed. Vincent tells her that Arkadi is behind the plot, and Arkadi hears this. He escapes from the embassy back to the QQF building, but Steed follows him and knocks him out. The successful foiling of the assassination plot means that the Bahrainians are very quick to sign the oil treaty with Britain.

by Alys Hayes

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