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This serial was based on Honey for the Prince, first broadcast in 1966. The original television script was written by Brian Clemens, and the episode featured Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel.

Name Changes:

Character Changes:

Lady with the Lamp

What? No Genie?
You shouldn't have bought the lamp from that Peckham market stall, Emma...

Storyline Changes:
Arkadi is clearly identified as being Turkish in the radio story and, by inference, to be working for the Turkish government. The TV episode makes no mention of Arkardi's nationality, just that his country is a rival to Britain for the oil concession. Still on the subject of nationality, the TV version states that Crown Prince Ali is from the fictional country of Barabia, rather than Bahrain as in the radio adaptation. Obviously the people behind the TV broadcast shied away from implicating genuine Arabic countries in a conflict over oil.

An amusing throwaway line occurs in the radio version when Steed and Emma are reading a newspaper; Steed notices an article on whether radio serials are a disturbing influence on their listeners!

This serial, broadcast on Springbok Radio in late March and early April 1972 is believed to be the only surviving serial adapted and directed by Tony Jay.

The end theme of Episode Four features a special announcement from Hugh Rouse, recommending that listeners tune in on Monday night at 10pm for a new series, The White Oaks of Jalna. This is the only existing episode that features such an announcement for another programme.

This announcement has been vital in dating the broadcast of this serial, which we can now confidently confirm was transmitted between Tuesday 28th March and Wednesday 5th April 1972. Many thanks to Frans Erasmus for his invaluable help on this one.

by Alys Hayes, with thanks to Frans Erasmus

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