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A distraught woman collapses in the middle of nowhere and is taken to hospital. Mother tells Steed and Mrs. Peel that he wants find out what's happened merely to "establish superiority" over the newly-created and rival department of Strange and Inexplicable Happenings. Steed enlists the assistance of a man named Cordell. The woman, who it is discovered is called Helen, awakens in a confused state and talks about a dead man and a coffin. Cordell has discovered that a coffin was being transported on a train to the Happy Meadows burial plots shortly before she was found, so Steed pays a visit.

At Happy Meadows, Steed discovers the coffin contains the remains of a Mr. Jupp and returns to the hospital with photos. Helen at first recognises one of the photographs as the dead man and then remembers that he threw her from the train! Steed goes back and exhumes Jupp who appears to be dead. Attending to Helen at the hospital, Mrs. Peel saves her from a murder attempt by a man who subsequently dies.

You Can Take It With You! 
You've got to hand it to Jupp, the financier, for he made the best of a small plot in Happy Meadows...

Steed returns and learns the attacker's identity is Morton who, like Jupp, is known to have been a shady financier. He was repored to have died six months previously and was buried at Happy Meadows. Steed goes back. Meanwhile another man wants to assassinate Helen but can only take note of her minders. Morton's coffin is empty and contacting Mother with the names from some other gravestones, they recognise those of four more financiers. They decide to exhume the bodies, only to find all the coffins are empty when they are dug up.

Cordell visits Jupp's widow and she tells him her husband had been arranging a trip with Mystic Tours. The men there arrange for him to get to Happy Meadows. Mother is just suggesting some night surveillance when Cordell tells them where he's going and Steed follows him. There he is told that Cordell died in a road accident and after examining his grave confirms this to Mother. The night vigil falls to Mrs. Peel. In fact, Cordell is not really dead and is quite close by, discovering what's going on at Happy Meadows - he has found out that the financiers are hidden away below the burial plots, secretly living in style. However, he is recognised by Helen's would-be assassin and is shot. After an uneventful night, Mrs. Peel insists that she too examines Cordell's grave.

The fact that Cordell's corpse has a gunshot wound to the forehead baffles both Mother and Steed. Courageously wanting to take the same route as him to solve the mystery, Steed visits Mrs. Jupp and finds Mystic Tours. On producing enough money, he is accepted for Happy Meadows but is told he must go there immediately and isn't even allowed to call his 'mother'.

Paying it a visit to Happy Meadows, Mrs. Peel is told that Steed is dead! Refusing to believe it, she examines his grave and finds it empty. Digging further, she stumbles upon Steed, just in time. They round up the Mystic Tours men, Jupp and the other financiers. With much groundbreaking effort, Mother's superiority has been established.

by Ron Geddes

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