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This serial was based on Bizarre, first broadcast in 1969. The original television script was written by Brian Clemens, and the episode featured Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Linda Thorson as Tara King.

Name Changes:
Helen's dog now has a name - Peter.

William Cordell's first name is changed to Peter (presumably to allow the amnesiac Helen to almost remember her dog Peter).

Character Changes:
The character of Tara King on the television episode is replaced with that of Emma Peel on the radio.

If This is Death...
John Steed suddenly realised that death could actually be a lot of fun...

Mr. Happychap is to be imagined as a slim young man. In the television version, he was a short and rotund fellow (played by comedy actor, Roy Kinnear).

Steed and Mrs. Peel assist with Mother's wheelchair instead of Rhonda.

Another character, Croaker Waysgoose, and his new department of Strange and Inexplicable Happenings are added and are a continuing annoyance to Mother.

Storyline Changes:
In the radio version, Steed accompanies Cordell to the scene where Helen is found.

Whereas in the TV version the missing Steed is located simply when the phone rings, in the radio version Mrs. Jupp needs to be traced via a telephone directory and queried first.

Instead of the 'out of this world' ending of the TV episode (and series), Mother toasts the resurrected Steed.

In Episode 4, Paradise Plot is referred to as Paradise Place.

In Episode 1, Steed remarks "Circumstances are bizarre," hinting at the TV episode.

The two gravediggers, Tom and Bob are frequently mentioned by name, where in the television version they were only referred as such in the end credits.

After reading a newspaper, Mother apparently doesn't think much about the (by then topical) 'Common Market'.

Cordell is not shot in the chest, but the head.

Steed tells Mr. Happychap that he's lucky his father didn't like synthesisers (instead of sousaphones in the TV version).

At the start of Episode 5, there is a long recap - presumably as it was transmitted on a Monday.

The Master is understandably made to respond to the sound of Steed's coins instead of banknotes.

by Ron Geddes

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