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This serial was based on The Joker, first broadcast in 1967. The original television script was written by Roger Marshall, and the episode featured Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel. The Joker itself was based upon an earlier tale from The Avengers, entitled Don't Look Behind You. This 1963 episode featured Honor Blackman as Steed's partner, Cathy Gale.

Name Changes:
Ola Monsey-Chamberlain (television) becomes Oola Monsey-Chamberlain (radio), though it should be said that this could be nothing more than a change of pronunciation. 

Modern Art

Modern Art...
OK, it's just a knife in a door to you, dear, but the Tate Modern's stumped up fifty thousand quid for it!

Character Changes:
The TV version shows George Fancy to be a Major in the British Army (Intelligence Division, presumably).

Storyline Changes:
The radio version of this story sees the record of Mein Leibling, Mein Rose replaced with a completely different song, entitled Mademoiselle, mainly because in this version, Emma and Max Prendergast had their rendezvous in Paris, rather than Berlin (as in the TV episode).

Prendergast is said, in the radio adaptation, to have escaped from prison in France, rather than Germany - to link in with the above change.

Steed, trying to find his way to Rousicana Hall in the fog, comes across a cheery local who tells him that he's already there when Steed asks for directions. This is not present in the television version of events.

In Episode Six, Emma tries to fire her gun at Oola and Prendergast, but the gun merely clicks uselessly. Oola says that Emma's gun has blanks in it, but if this were the case, there would still be the sound of the blank firing. The bullet chambers are actually empty...

Episode Five of this story is the only episode which exists with its original Springbok Radio announcement. This is downloadable from the Free Stuff section.

by Alys Hayes

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