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Sir Rodney Kellogg, a normally sober and staid member of the Department of Missile Redeployment, has become inexplicably infatuated with Martha, the rather dowdy office cleaner. He happily tells her details of top-secret departmental meetings until Security, in the person of Metcalfe, catches the two love birds in the middle of their discussion. However, Martha produces a pistol and kills Metcalfe, leaving "Rodders" to face interrogation by Steed. Puzzled as to why such a man should compromise himself, Steed and Mother come up with various theories, but only Emma guesses that love has something to do with it.

In fact, Martha has woven her spell over several members of the department and is working with a man named Bromfield in order to obtain secret information about the country's defence systems.

The Music of Love...

The Music of Love... 
Kellogg and Martha look on in disbelief when their lovers' tryst is interrupted by a deaf and mad one man band...

When Sir Rodney traces her to her flat, Martha (who is actually a rather attractive woman when not in her cleaner's disguise) is forced to shoot him, leaving his body in his Rolls Royce. Steed and Emma find the body, and Emma recognises the scent of "Reckless Abandon" - an exclusive perfume for women - in the car. She visits the perfumer's shop to try and get information on those who bought the product, then is attacked in her flat by a man intent upon stealing the list. However, she soon defeats him, and a strange ring of entwined hearts on the man's hand leads Steed to Casanova Inc., a publishing company specialising in romantic fiction. It turns out that the book house has been used as a cover by Bromfield and Martha - they have produced copies of books with tiny micro-dots inserted into the pages, which force the reader to fall in love with the next person they see. This person is Martha, in the case of the men from the department, and thus she is able to wheedle out their secrets.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Peel has been reading one of these books at the department, and Bromfield uses this device on her, persuading her that she must kill herself as her engineered love for him cannot be fulfilled. Steed arrives just in time to stop her leaping from a window ledge, and knocks out Bromfield and Martha - only to have Mrs. Peel attack him for punching her beloved! But Steed has figured out about the micro dots and has attached some to himself, so when Emma sees them she is overcome with love for Steed.

by Alys Hayes

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