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This serial was based on Love All, first broadcast in 1969. The original television script was written by Jeremy Burnham, and the episode featured Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Linda Thorson as Tara King.

Name Changes:
Rosemary Z. Glade's latest book is Love in Budleigh Salterton in the radio adaptation as opposed to Love on the Moon in the TV episode.

Character Changes:
The character of Tara King on the television episode is replaced with that of Emma Peel on the radio.

Rosemary Z. Glade is a male author in the radio serial, whereas in the TV version, the author is actually a computer made to resemble a white grand piano!

Hail Steed!

Hail Steed! 
The monthly meeting of the John Steed Appreciation Society was in full swing...

Storyline Changes:
No mention is made of Rhonda, Mother's tall blond assistant in the radio version, but since her character never spoke it's no surprise that she does not appear!

In Hugh Rouse's narration on Episode 4, he mistakenly mentions Sir Rodney Kellogg as "Sir Robert", while in Episode 5 he refers to Rosemary Z. Glade as "Roseberry Z. Glade". These mistakes could well have manifested themselves in the script.

During the TV episode, a sign on the door of the book publishers states the company's name as "Casanova Ink".

This serial is also notable for featuring another actor in the role of Mother - Stuart Brown. The role was usually played by Colin Fish, and was also portrayed on occasion by Anthony Fridjhon.

by Alys Hayes

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