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in which John Steed is taken off a case and Emma Peel is put on to one that could be ALL DONE BY MIRRORS."

A man walking near the Carmadoc Research Establishment hears a strange voice compelling him towards the cliff edge. He falls to his death. Meanwhile, Mother explains to Steed that as a precaution he must put him under arrest. Steed, by having worked covertly at Carmadoc to find out how secrets are leaking, is suspected by the staff there. Mother assigns Mrs Peel to the case with the assistance of Watney. At Carmadoc, Major Sparshott, Head of Security, explains that the man who fell to his death was called Guthrie and gives them his address. Mrs. Peel heads there. A man called Markin has been following all this and informs his boss.

Perks of the Job... 
or so Steed claimed as he used his Ministry pass to gain admittance to the ladies-only swimming pool...

in which John Steed has his doubts about Mrs. Peel's assignment and Mrs. Peel herself finds evidence to suggest that the security leak is ALL DONE BY MIRRORS."

Steed and Mother are discussing how Steed had worked out security arrangements at Carmadoc and how Mother had screened everyone. Mrs. Peel finds Guthrie’s cottage where it appears he had been interested in amateur astronomy. Some mirrors are lying broken. A lady introduces herself as Daisy and says that she looks after Mr. Guthrie. Markin is somehow listening in to their conversation, but with difficulty. Telling his boss to "try another angle," he then hears more clearly. Daisy explains that Mr. Guthrie wanted everything shiny smashed and it had something to do with a Mr. Williams who lives down the road. Markin, hearing this, sends an accomplice, Gozzo, to kill Williams. In the meantime, Watney suspects a Dr. Seligman who he finds using binoculars. Mrs. Peel finds Williams strangled and while taking an envelope from him, Gozzo returns.

in which John Steed is still out of action and Emma Peel with the help of Watney learns that murder can be ALL DONE BY MIRRORS."

After a long struggle with Mrs. Peel, Gozzo accidentally dies. At Carmadoc, Watney no longer suspects Seligman, a meteorologist. Tiddiman and Carswell also work in the lab. Mrs. Peel enters and reports the two further casualties. She shows Seligman some scribbles on the envelope and he tells her it's just an equation. He then whispers to Watney that he knows how the secrets are being leaked and arranges to meet him in the woods. There, Seligman hears his name being called leading him towards a mirror. Watney also hears this and then a gunshot. He finds the dying Seligman, who says that it is all done with mirrors. Having suspected something, Sparshott appears holding a gun, which Watney grabs and finds hasn't been fired. Watney notices a lighthouse and reports to Mrs Peel, who discovers a drawing of a lighthouse on the back of the envelope.

in which John Steed realises why Emma Peel is playing this case solo and follows through on the suggestion that it's ALL DONE BY MIRRORS."

Mrs. Peel parks near the lighthouse and a man named Ketteridge tells her it's a private residence. Timothy Barlow then comes to the door and introduces himself as the Colonel's secretary. Mrs. Peel follows him up spiral stairs to speak with Colonel Withers, who is looking through a telescope. Waiting for Watney to report, Mother explains to Steed that he had to let Mrs. Peel lead an investigation sometime. Mrs. Peel asks the Colonel if he knew Guthrie or perhaps saw him through his telescope. He insists he's only interested in the sea. Turning the telescope to the cliffs, Mrs. Peel tells them they have another a visitor. Barlow goes down and Mrs. Peel is similarly unsuccessful when talking to the Colonel about Williams.

in which John Steed and Mother are quite unaware of Mrs. Peel's impending fate and how it is ALL DONE BY MIRRORS."

The visitor is Pandora Marshall, who finds it odd that Barlow has to be reminded about a letter he wrote to her about her visit. Mrs. Peel is encouraged to leave. The Colonel leaves the telescope unattended. Pandora, taken to a guest room, sneaks out and climbs the stairs. She quickly deduces, as she already knows a bit about it, how the telescope sends and transmits sound. Focusing on Mrs. Peel's car mirror she tries to explain what's happening and warn her that Barlow is an impostor. He enters and Mrs. Peel only hears Pandora calling to her. She tells Watney this on her car phone and he heads for the lighthouse. Barlow sends Ketteridge after Mrs. Peel. He then makes Pandora lure Mrs. Peel to the cliff edge by calling for help with the telescope. Ketteridge forces Mrs. Peel over the edge.

in which John Steed hears from Mother of Mrs. Peel's fate and young Watney just can't grasp the significance of the fact that it's ALL DONE BY MIRRORS."

Pandora is put in the cellar where the real Colonel and Barlow are being held. Watney and Sparshott arrive and seeing her shoes, fear that Mrs. Peel has gone over the cliff. Mother tells Watney to keep searching and give a detailed report. Gaining consciousness in the sea, Mrs. Peel swims ashore. At the lighthouse, she disables Ketteridge and discovers the cellar where, overpowering Markin, she finds the captives. They tell her that the other impostors are foreign agents, stealing secrets from Carmadoc by using the telescope. Unable to release them, Mrs. Peel is told how she might get help by using the telescope. First she knocks out the bogus Colonel.

in which Mother allows John Steed to take a more active part, Emma Peel solves all her difficulties and even Watney Watney Watney is convinced that it's ALL DONE BY MIRRORS."

Mother tells Watney to come home. Steed has read Watney's report that it is all done by mirrors and so decides to visit the lighthouse. With the telescope, Mrs. Peel tells Watney, on a road nearby, that she's in the lighthouse as two of Barlow's men rush in. Steed arrives, releases the captives and learns what's going on. Mrs. Peel overpowers the men, but Barlow enters with a gun. Watney rushes in and they send the top man tumbling down the stairs.

by Ron Geddes

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