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Steed and Mrs. Peel are driving through the Suffolk market town of St. Catherine's in order to make a rendezvous, or more correctly, spring a trap. The object of their aim is a double agent named Jimmy Merlin, whom Steed has been trying to catch for some time. They go to the offices of the Postern Trading Company, which is where Steed has lured Merlin with a promise of money. Merlin arrives and as Steed attempts to hold him, Merlin detonates a sleeping gas. All three are knocked out until the next morning.

When Steed wakes up, he manages to handcuff Merlin and prepares to drive off to Headquarters. However, as they are about to leave, they are suddenly struck with how deserted the town suddenly seems. It appears that the inhabitants have left in something of a hurry - but why? After wandering around for some time, Steed and Merlin hear shots. They find the body of a man wearing a placard proclaiming "Looter". He seems to have been professionally executed. In fact, he was shot by an army platoon led by Sgt. Hearn, who catches up with Steed and Merlin. As the platoon prepares to shoot the two agents as looters, Steed and Merlin jump the Sergeant and escape back to the Postern office.

Exotic Stuff...

Exotic Stuff...
Not only were Steed and Merlin extra-special agents, they also did a wicked dance of the seven veils...

Realising that the town is under martial law, the unlikely partners find a radio van; inside are television reporter, Jenny Thurston, and her driver, Yates. Jenny shows them a recording of her report - St. Catherine's has been evacuated due to an atom bomb being left in the Eastern Hemisphere Trade Commission building in the town. Only the army, led by Brigadier Hanson, are left. The four drive back to the office building, spotting an army Major on the way. Steed tries to tell the officer of his identity, but Merlin recognises the man as being a Russian agent.

Meanwhile, Hearn and his men have found Mrs. Peel in the office - still asleep. Steed and company run across some army trucks containing genuine British troops - all drugged. It does seem that the army people at the Commission building are imposters. The four continue back to the Postern office and are ambushed there by Hearn and his group. Merlin escapes but Yates is shot, leaving Steed, Jenny and a slumbering Mrs. Peel at Hearn's mercy. Hearn tells them that far from dismantling the bomb, the Brigadier and his men are building it! When the bomb is ready, the all-clear will be called, the town's population being permitted to return to their homes. The Brigadier will then tell the Government the truth and threaten to explode the bomb within twenty minutes unless a ransom is paid. Hanson believes that the Government will pay up, knowing that it is impossible to evacuate the area in that time. The Brigadier has planned the scheme in revenge for his approaching redundancy - he is to be replaced by a machine. Suddenly, Merlin appears and lets off another capsule. It knocks out Hearn, but also Mrs. Peel who has just woken up.

Steed and Merlin agree to co-operate and go to the Commission building in order to let off lots of sleeping capsules there - knocking out the Brigadier and all his men, and foiling the plot. Steed lets Merlin go in return for helping him, and Mrs. Peel finally wakes up - wondering what has happened.

by Alys Hayes

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