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This serial was based on The Morning After, first broadcast in 1969. The original television script was written by Brian Clemens, and the episode featured Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Linda Thorson as Tara King.

Name Changes:
The company offices that Steed and Emma wait in change from the Rostarn Trading Company (TV) to the Postern Trading Company (Radio).

Brigadier Hanson is Brigadier Hansing in the television version.

Character Changes:
The character of Tara King on the television episode is replaced with that of Emma Peel on the radio.

It Takes Handcuffs...

It Takes Handcuffs...
Steed remonstrates with Merlin after he tried to scratch his nose and got a smack in the teeth for his troubles.

Storyline Changes:
The TV episode is set in a un-named English town, whereas the radio serial clearly identifies the town as St. Catherine's in Suffolk.

The TV version of the story also shows Merlin to be a card-sharp - able to make playing cards appear in his hand.

The tag scene of the TV episode also has an in-joke referring to US comedy series Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, when Steed is heard to comment "...sock it to me" as he switches off his TV. This American series was scheduled against The Avengers in the States and proved to be a smash hit, leading to the cancellation of The Avengers at the end of the Tara King run.

Some of the incidental music used during this story seems to be remarkably similar to the theme of the ITC series, Department S.

by Alys Hayes

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