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Steed has two left feet. Emma dances with danger.

"The Quick-Quick-Slow Death"
6 x 15-minute episodes
based on the television episode
Quick-Quick Slow Death,
written by Robert Banks Stewart

Donald Monat as John Steed
Diane Appleby as Emma Peel
Hugh Rouse as The Narrator

Adapted and directed by 
Dennis Folbigge
Produced by David Gooden

Transmission Nights (7.15-7.30pm):
 Episode 1 - Friday
 Episode 2 - Monday
 Episode 3 - Tuesday
 Episode 4 - Wednesday
 Episode 5 - Thursday
 Episode 6 - Friday

If I Could Waltz That Way...

If I Could Waltz That Way...
Steed hones his terpsichorean techniques...

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