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Willi Fehr, a one-time top agent and colleague of Steed's, is knocked unconscious in a road accident whilst in charge of a pram - a pram which contains the body of a dead man in full evening dress. Fehr seems unwilling or unable to say what has happened, so the only lead is a tattoo on the dead man's arm. Mrs. Peel discovers that the tattoo identifies the body as one Arthur Peever, and this is confirmed when Steed checks on the hired suit the dead man was wearing. It becomes clear that the two agents are on the right track when both the assistant at the suit hire shop, and the tattooist are both murdered. However, the tattoo artist leaves a clue to his killer - the assassin has a rose tattoo on his wrist.

Piedi's Passion for Mrs. Peel's feet. Well, it takes all sorts, doesn't it?

Another clue turns out to be the corpse's shoes - pumps supplied for students at a dancing school, Terpsichorean Training Techniques (which also explains the evening suit). Mrs. Peel joins the school as an instructress, where she discovers that one of the pupils is 'Arthur Peever', who seems alive and well - although he does not resemble the corpse Fehr was ferrying at all. The dance school is run by Lucille Banks with a chief instructor by the name of Ivor Bracewell, and the drunken school band leader - Chester Read. Steed also helps out with the investigation by enrolling as a student at the school. He notices how Miss Banks becomes interested at his interview, when he mentions that he has been out of the country for some time, and has no close friends or relatives.

Knowing that 'Peever' is an imposter, Mrs. Peel goes to see Bernard, a craftsman at the shoe shop in the hope that he might have information about the dance students - Bernard has been supplying cut-price dancing shoes to the TTT pupils. However, Bernard has been suffocated by being knocked unconscious and having his face pressed into a bowl of drying plaster. So Mrs. Peel returns to the school to snoop on Lucille and company. She sees Lucille dancing with a dummy, which is then swapped for a man when Lucille passes out of sight in the ballroom. Emma reports what she's seen to Steed, when they meet at the dance Gala. They realise that this is the method by which people disappear and are replaced with incoming foreign agents who take on the missing person's identity. They know that the next victim will be wearing number 9 on his back at the Gala, and when Steed is given the number 6, they think he is not the victim. But Lucille cunningly upturns his number to read '9' and Mrs. Peel realises Steed is in danger. Steed and Lucille dance away, Mrs. Peel and her partner follow. She manages to warn Steed and together they overpower their partners - Lucille and Bracewell. Peever also attacks but is knocked out. However, Chester Read comes after them with a gun and reveals himself as the ringleader of the operation - but he too is despatched. Steed and Mrs. Peel dance on into the night.

by Alys Hayes

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