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This serial was based on Quick-Quick-Slow Death, first broadcast in 1966. The original television script was written by Robert Banks Stewart, and the episode featured Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel.

Name Changes:

Character Changes:
Daisy and Elsie, two charladies are added (see Storyline Changes, below).

Emma discovers that teaching dancing can be a painful experience.

Storyline Changes:
The scene with Willi Fehr and the pram is said, in the radio version, to take place in the early morning in Shoreham, a town south of London. No attempt is made in the television episode to locate the action.

Two charladies, Daisy and Elsie, appear at the beginning of the first radio episode. They act as a narrative device, commenting on how strange it is to see a man, Willi Fehr, pushing a pram along the street, and they react to his subsequent accident. In both versions, the sight of a man pushing a pram is treated as being unusual - several decades later, marital roles have changed to such an extent that this is, today, nothing unusual at all!

When Steed is interviewed by Lucille prior to joining the school, he mentions that he did once have a girlfriend but that she was run over by a bus in London. In the TV episode he claims that the unfortunate woman was eaten by crocodiles whilst on an Amazonian trek.

An omission from the radio programme (probably due to it being a visual joke) is that no comment is made about Chester Read's band - the TV version shows the 'band' to be a group of life size cut-outs of Chester playing various musical instruments, together with an open-reel tape recorder actually providing the music.

Lastly, the TV episode shows Chester threatening Mrs. Peel with a blade concealed in his conductor's baton - the radio show changes this to a gun.

Episode Six of this story is one of the few Sonovision Avengers episodes that does not use Laurie Johnson's Symphony (Synthesis) to play out to the final commercial break. Instead, there is a musical fanfare and a crowd cheering.

by Alys Hayes

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