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This serial was based on You'll Catch Your Death, first broadcast in 1968. The original television script was written by Jeremy Burnham, and the episode featured Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Linda Thorson as Tara King.

Name Changes:
Camrose's last patient is not given a name in the TV episode. The televised programme also seems to be confused as to whether to call the E.N.T. consultants 'Dr.' or 'Mr.'

Character Changes:
It is intimated in the radio serial that Matron is a large woman - the actress playing the character in the TV version is slim.

A Moment from Death!

A Moment from Death!
Colonel Timothy blethers on, blissfully unaware that his pet snake, Rodney, is being a little too affectionate for Daddy's own good...

Storyline Changes:
The character of Tara King on the television episode is replaced with that of Emma Peel on the radio.

Mother's lair in the TV version is an empty studio lot with ladders and coloured telephones scattered around. He also refers to 'Grandma' - his superior.

The television episode features more scenes at Steed's mews flat (probably for time and budgetary reasons). Steed and Tara meet at the flat to discuss developments, rather than at a restaurant. Maidwell comes to Steed's flat with examples of his envelopes - we never see the company warehouse.

In the TV version, Steed hears the sound of typing whilst speaking to Matron for the first time. He does return later that night to search her office but only finds the directories and Timothy's letter - we do not see the room full of typists.

The radio version makes no mention of a large model nose on the wall in Timothy's clinic. This is important in the TV episode as it has ladders inside the nostrils, leading from the air shafts, and it is down one of these that Tara falls when she sneezes, and also whilst climbing down one of the ladders that Glover is showered with cold virus powder by Steed.

The TV version of the cells are also individual deep freeze rooms, so Tara is not moved to another room when Matron tries to cool her down. Tara is also consciously looks into the sacks of envelopes, rather than falling on them.

The TV Steed comments that the Colonel's clinic is "Not to be sneezed at!" at one point, but unlike his radio counterpart, does not claim to speak Swahili.

The offices of Padley, Seaton and Herrick do not appear to be near a park in the TV version, and Herrick's car crashes into a wall rather than a tree.

In the television Allergy Laboratory Preece, Matron and Dexter all assist in filling the envelopes. Tara is later tied up there by both arms from a metal beam.

For this story, regular "Mother" Colin Fish was not available, and was replaced by Anthony Fridjhon.

by Alys Hayes

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