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This serial was based on Look - (Stop Me If You've Heard This One) But There Were These Two Fellers..., first broadcast in 1968. The original television script was written by Dennis Spooner, and the episode featured Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Linda Thorson as Tara King.

Name Changes:
Caritol Land and Development Corporation (TV) becomes Capital Land and Development Company (Radio). 

Vauda Villa (TV) changes to Greasepaint Grange (Radio). 

Marcus Rugman (TV) becomes Marcia Rugman (Radio).

Maxie's sidekick is Jolly Jenkins on the radio, whereas his television counterpart is called Jennings. 

The Showbiz Avenger!

The Showbiz Avenger!
John Steed, the hero of all opponents of music hall entertainment. Good on him!

Character Changes:
The character of Tara King on the television episode is replaced with that of Emma Peel on the radio.

Maxie's sidekick finds his voice on the radio instead of using a car horn to communicate (TV).

Marcus Rugman (TV) has a sex change and becomes Marcia Rugman (Radio).

A female resident known as Lettie the Lass from Lancashire appears at the Grange (Radio only).

Storyline Changes:
A scene appears at the beginning of the radio adaptation where Mrs. Peel is map-reading for Steed as they drive to the Capital Land and Development Company. However, they only find the place by luck as Mrs. Peel has been reading the map upside-down!

Another radio plot difference is that one of the directors is strangled whereas in the TV version he has the carpet pulled from beneath his feet and falls out of an open window to his death. This sequence was a late addition to the television version, and was absent from the script supplied to Sonovision.

by Alys Hayes

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