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This serial was based on They Keep Killing Steed, first broadcast in 1968. The original television script was written by Brian Clemens, and the episode featured Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Linda Thorson as Tara King.

Name Changes:
Television's Captain Smythe becomes Captain José.

Arcos' assistant becomes Markin, rather than Zerson as in the TV version.

The name of the hotel where Steed and Emma are based for the duration of the story also changed, from The Sun Hotel on TV, to The Hotel Miranda, Tarragon, near Zaragosa, Spain.

Character Changes:
The character of Tara King on the television episode is replaced with that of Emma Peel on the radio.

Many characters are Spanish in the radio serial, whereas they are mostly British in the television episode.

Fallen Idol...

Fallen Idol...
Three decades after his halcyon days, King of the Rocket Men returns to the screen. But boy has he put on weight!

Storyline Changes:
This radio version transposes the action to sunny Spain - hence the title. They Keep Killing Steed was originally to have been set in Spain, so it is likely that the script that Sonovision received from EMI was an early draft version. This has many knock-on effects:

One is that Steed is imprisoned in a room under a bullring; the TV episode has Arcos' headquarters in a chamber under a quarry, with the entrance disguised as an abandoned taxi cab.

Another is that Mother is based in a caravan outside Tarragon, whereas in the televised version, he has his base submerged under a river (partly so that his sensitive hearing is not disturbed by outside noise).

This adaptation hints at a much closer relationship between Steed and Emma than the television series ever did. In the television episode, Tara King identifies Steed when he mentions their great secret... strawberry shortcake. Here, Steed convinces Emma of his identity by reminding her of the night when he'd got her rather too drunk, not to mention the resultant happening!

The tag scene is much the same in both versions, with the Avengers sunning themselves under lamps back in London - the only obvious difference being that the scene in the TV episode is set in Tara's flat rather than Steed's.

The performance of Episode One under-ran, leaving the producer to scramble for his recording of Laurie Johnson's Symphony (Synthesis), tacking a minute of it on the end of the episode as an extended playout.

In the heat of the moment in Episode Six, the actor playing Arcos gets his own name wrong, proclaiming "I am not Arcost!" as he shows Steed his newly re-moulded face.

by Alys Hayes

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