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After getting a message from a senior agent, Mark Lucas, Steed and Emma arrange to meet him at Norborough railway station. However, when the train arrives there is no sign of Lucas, so Mrs. Peel and Steed board the train. They don't find the missing agent, but do find his briefcase - confirming that he was onboard at some point. One of the passengers, a bridegroom, follows Steed and Emma to Steed's flat and tries to shoot Steed - but gets shot himself.

A train ticket on the body, to Chase Halt, leads the pair to an abandoned station close to Norborough. They find Lucas' body and evidence that he was duped into thinking that Chase Halt was in fact Norborough station. Notes from his briefcase lead Steed to think that Lucas was onto a plot to kill a VIP, and Emma notices that a man named Salt (who features in some photos of Lucas') was on the train. Salt works for Admiral Cartney in a Whitehall department which arranges secure transport for VIPs, so some false information is fed to Salt to see if he is involved.

Just Married...

Just Married...
But you won't impress the lady by treating her to a second class rail ticket, now will you? Some honeymoon!

Salt does indeed take the bait, and boards the 8.10pm train for Liverpool. Steed follows to observe him. However, Steed is recognised and captured - then held prisoner in the galley carriage, which has been converted into a mobile headquarters. It transpires that Salt, the train ticket collector and a couple posing as bride and groom are all cohorts in a plot to kill the Prime Minister, by use of a bomb on a particular train carriage. The carriage will be attached to the PM's train, then the villains will set off the explosion using a radio signal from their train.

Mrs. Peel, with the assistance of Crewe (a train spotter who lives at Chase Halt), manages to board the train. She is spotted but defeats her attackers, and manages to help Steed stop the ticket collector from setting off the bomb. The plan is foiled and the Avengers are victorious again, and drive off, by road, in stereotypical British weather!

by Alys Hayes

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