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This serial was based on A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station, first broadcast in 1967. The original television script was written by Brian Sheriff, and the episode featured Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel. The writer's name is a pseudonym. The original script was written by Roger Marshall and then substantially re-written by Brian Clemens. The thinking behind the nom de plume is obvious.

Name Changes:

Character Changes:

Loco Love...

Loco Love...
An unhealthy passion about trains had gripped Crewe since being bitten by a radioactive ticket collector as a child...

Storyline Changes:
At the start of the radio adaptation, Steed is playing with a train set that he has bought for his retarded nephew, whereas in the TV show the train set only features in the "Mrs. Peel - we're needed" intro (with no dialogue).

In the final episode, Steed is handcuffed by one hand to a steel chair in the galley, which he uses to knock out one of the terrorist gang. The TV adaptation has Steed handcuffed by both hands to an overhead steam pipe, which he pulls open, flooding the galley with steam.

The final variation is the most major. The tag scene in the television version, where Steed and Emma receive an official visit from the Prime Minister, that they ultimately decide to ignore (because they don't like long boring speeches, and they didn't vote for him anyway!), is excised in favour of a completely different scene. In the radio adaptation, Steed and Mrs. Peel are driving home in wet weather and complain about reckless drivers. They laugh when they see a poster by the railway sidings proclaiming that "it's safer by rail".

by Alys Hayes

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