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This serial was based on From Venus with Love, first broadcast in 1967. The original television script was written by Philip Levene, and the episode featured Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel.

Name Changes:

Character Changes:
Mother is mentioned in this, as in some other radio adaptations of the Mrs. Peel adventures, but does not actually appear. In this serial, Steed receives a telephone call in the rooftop garden, ordering him to investigate Cosgrove's death, but we do not actually hear Mother's voice.

Dr. Primble comes across as being a much older man in the radio version.

Up Yours, Madam...

Up Yours, Madam!
...that's your chimney, of course - swept by Bert Smith, a better class of hired help.

Storyline Changes:
As the radio serial opens, Steed and Emma are enjoying a rendezvous in a rooftop garden.

In Episode Four, Hugh Rouse at one point refers to Dr. Primble as "Primple".

In Episode Five, Venus holds "the earpiece of the phone next to the speaker" (of a tape recorder). As any self-respecting old-time radio enthusiast will tell you, you should hold the microphone (or in this case, the mouthpiece) to the speaker...

Brigadier Whitehead is referred to as Major Whitehead in Episode 2, but reverts to his correct rank when his character appears in Episode 4.

Interesting pronunciations of 'laser' in this serial. All the characters bar Dr. Primble talk of 'lacers'. Primble, of course, should know his stuff, and clearly does!

by Alys Hayes

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