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Broadcast and Archive Notes
The original transmission order of The Avengers radio series is not yet known, due to a lack of contemporary reference material. These notes explain what we do know, and why the listings on this page and elsewhere on the site appear as they do.


Escape in Time
Broadcast Monday 6th - Friday 10th December 1971 - 5 episodes
(First Avengers serial to be transmitted - DOES NOT EXIST)

The Fantasy Game
Tuesday 28th March - Wednesday 5th April 1972 - 7 episodes

Broadcast dates unknown

The Quick-Quick-Slow Death
Broadcast dates unknown - 6 episodes

Love All
Broadcast directly after The Quick-Quick-Slow Death - 6 episodes

Broadcast directly after Love All - 6 episodes

A Deadly Gift
Broadcast directly after Get-A-Way! - 6 episodes

The Super Secret Cypher Snatch
Broadcast directly after A Deadly Gift
- 6 episodes

Dial A Deadly Number
roadcast directly after The Super Secret Cypher Snatch - 6 episodes

Not To Be Sneezed At
Broadcast directly after Dial A Deadly Number - 7 episodes

Broadcast directly after Not To Be Sneezed At - 6 episodes
(Events of this serial mentioned in Who Shot Poor George / XR40? as happening directly before that story - DOES NOT EXIST)

Who Shot Poor George / XR40?
Broadcast directly after Pandora - 7 episodes

A Grave Charge
Broadcast directly after Who Shot Poor George / XR40? - 6 episodes

All Done By Mirrors
Broadcast directly after A Grave Charge - 7 episodes

The Morning After
Broadcast directly after All Done By Mirrors - 6 episodes

The Joker
Broadcast directly after The Morning After - 6 episodes

Straight From The Shoulder
Broadcast directly after The Joker - 6 episodes

Stop Me If You've Heard This
Broadcast directly after Straight From the Shoulder - 6 episodes

From Venus With Love
Broadcast directly after Stop Me If You've Heard This - 6 episodes

A Case of Interrogation
Broadcast directly after From Venus With Love - 7 episodes

Too Many Olés
Broadcast directly after A Case of Interrogation - 6 episodes

Train of Events
Broadcast directly after Too Many Olés  - 6 episodes

Escape in Time (Remake)
Broadcast dates and number of episodes unknown
(Only Episodes 1-3 exist)