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From Venus With Love

August 2002

Another fan favourite, From Venus With Love, has been chosen as the fifth serial to be restored to its former glory. Before we're asked, the next serial to be tackled after this will be one that was previously thought missing. Promise...

The serial was transferred to computer in CD quality (44.1KHz sampling rate, 16 bit resolution) on 22nd August 2002, and noise reduction work was performed on the same day, using Sound Forge. Background noise was particularly high on the serial, and consequently a higher than usual proportion of noise reduction has been employed. In the main, we have dropped the noise level by around 20dB. This has not completely removed the noise, but we decided that a higher setting would cause degradation to the main signal. We know, we tested it! However, the episodes do sound remarkably cleaner than before.

One small section of the recording has had to be patched from another episode. Fortunately it is the "Now... from the makers of Cold Water Omo..." announcement at the start of Episode Five. This was recorded at a much higher level than the rest of the episode, and consequently, the sound is distorted. This, as a recorded intro, is identical for each episode in any case, and was therefore patched from Episode Four.

Declicking has been carried out on all six episodes. Once again, a section in Episode Five features a character playing a gramophone record, with sound effect crackles. These have been preserved.

Work on the serial was completed on Friday 30th August 2002.

by Alan and Alys Hayes