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Love All

February - July 2003

The decision to approach Love All, in conjunction with A Grave Charge was to experiment and see if dealing with two serials concurrently might pay dividends.

On Sunday 9th February 2003, immediately following the transferring of A Grave Charge to computer from the compact disc backups of John Wright's " tapes, we went straight ahead and transferred Love All too. We employed a smidgeon of analogue graphic equalisation on route, and were pleased to discover that this one is in considerably better shape than its restoration stablemate. The sound quality is very consistent across the episodes and noise levels acceptable and certainly serviceable.

As with A Grave Charge, noise reduction was performed later on that Sunday, and presented no problems. Again, we have elected to leave a little noise, rather than affect the quality of the sound. It is not too intrusive. Each episode had a noise sample taken from within it and these were applied, in each case, to reduce the noise level by 15dB.

With the conclusion of work on A Grave Charge being delayed by a succession of real-life crises - for details, check out the Restoration Report for that serial - the experiment of taking on two serials at once never really got off the ground. We weren't able to return to work on Love All until Tuesday 1st July 2003, when we commenced the painstaking declicking work (with several drop-outs being fixed with a mix of re-EQ and amplification at this time also). Tackling an episode a night, we completed work on the serial on Sunday 6th July 2003.

by Alan and Alys Hayes