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Train of Events

October 2008-August 2009

After a brief week's break, the Restoration Project continues... In that week, we've run a vote for a bit of fun at The Avengers Fan Forum, to determine which serial would be tackled next after The Super Secret Cypher Snatch. There are just three serials left to be worked upon - Stop Me If You've Heard This (which registered 20% of the vote), Get-A-Way! (also at 20%) and Train of Events, which swept the board with 60% of the votes cast. So Train of Events it is!

The story is based upon the television episode, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Station, a somewhat troubled production, written by Roger Marshall and Brian Clemens. The radio serial is a good one and the recording quality even better. We had a problem with it last time we played the tape (when making the initial safety transfers), when splices came apart and had to be repaired - always a worry with tapes of this vintage. No such problems this time - our reparative work on the splices was obviously good enough! Scary to think that those initial transfers of John Wright's tapes were performed over six years ago. All we can say is thank you for your patience, folks!

Sunday 19th October 2008: All episodes of Train of Events were transferred from 1/4 inch tape to PC in CD quality, were graphic equalised and noise reduced. These were dealt with in two three-episode chunks, as they were clearly transferred to this tape from two separate masters, the recording characteristics being similar but with differing levels of amplification and noise.

This serial was subsequently re-transferred on a new reel to reel player in July 2009 (by new we mean manufactured in 1981!) and restoration work was completed on Sunday 2nd August 2009. Completely straightforward - nothing to note that was out of the ordinary.

by Alan and Alys Hayes