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The way in which the series was licensed by EMI is interesting, if a little perplexing and frustrating for those who had held rights in the original television version. It would appear that they very much decided to 'go it alone', as no-one involved in the production of The Avengers was consulted. 

In Dave Rogers' invaluable reference work, The Ultimate Avengers, Brian Clemens, a major creative force in the television series from its earliest days - and producer 'in situ' at the time of the radio series - claimed that he only discovered the existence of the radio series by chance. "Neither Albert (Fennell - another co-producer) or myself - nor Laurie Johnson (composer) - knew anything about this until someone sent us a recording of the show. EMI licensed the radio thing themselves," Clemens remarked.

The Musical Worlds of Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson's Symphony (Synthesis), used in the Sonovision Avengers is now available on CD from The Avengers eStore.

Laurie Johnson would have had been justified in feeling particularly aggrieved, for his eponymous theme for the television series topped and tailed the radio episodes, and several parts of his Symphony (Synthesis) were used as incidental music. Johnson's permission had not been sought by EMI or Sonovision (not that Sonovision would have had any reason to do so, having received clearances from EMI), and it is unclear whether he ever received payment from EMI for the music's use. Laurie Johnson received no credit, either on air or in print, but then, nor did anybody involved in writing or producing the original television series.

Production credits announced during the programmes were restricted to Sonovision personnel, and even then only two of the team garnered a mention - the writers of the television scripts were never mentioned. It is quite likely that EMI's licence permitted Sonovision to credit whom they wished. In The Programmes section, the original authors have been listed.

by Alan Hayes