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Susana B. Grassino, Córdoba, Argentina says Just wanted to say that a friend (Juana Kenis, who lives just a few blocks away from my apartment) alerted me to your latest update at AOR and - wow! There it was - an account of that FM radio program in Buenos Aires. It was a wonderful surprise to listen to your message in Spanish. I must confess I didn't know you were able to speak perfect Spanish. Congratulations! (Ed's Note: I cheated - I'm a fraud!)

I was so excited at the prospect of attending the radio show with Carlos and Natalio, since I'd been invited too, but, unfortunately, Buenos Aires is very far from Córdoba and I couldn't make it. Next time, maybe. However, I agree with every line Carlos wrote in his report, and I think there's no need to talk one more time about the feeling radio-theatre has left for many people in Argentina. Thank you for making room for this event at your site. Although the radio program was enjoyed only by those living in Buenos Aires, I think we Avengers fans from elsewhere in Argentina - or even around the world - have something to be proud of.

Juana D. Kenis, Córdoba, Argentina says I was visiting your site and just wanted to say hello. I've seen The Avengers episodes so many times that I think I can remember the dialogue almost by heart. But I'd never heard about The Avengers on the Radio. And I wouldn't have if it hadn't been for your great job.

Steve Archer, Virginia, USA says Thank you so much for your labor of love! The Avengers have always been a touchstone for me that I keep coming back to. About seven years ago I purchased a few cassettes of the radio shows from an OTR dealer after being shocked to discover that they even existed - and adored them on their own terms much as you do - I think they are every bit as fun as the TV series and have the plus of being portable! I love taking long walks around the countryside with Steed and Emma in my ear.  But the effort you have put into the background research, the website - and above all - the audio restorations - is astonishing.  How fortunate we lazy fans are to have such dedicated caretakers of a treasure that would otherwise be lost.

Will Ryan, Los Angeles, USA says Great research, wonderful initiative, splendid treats, contagious enthusiasm, captivating on-going detective stories (e.g. the search for the missing tapes, personnel, scripts, documentation), dramatic triumphs (the dramatic appearance of Donald Monat, of Tony Jay, et al)... and all surrounding those splendid characters, Steed and Mrs. Peel. In short: a rare and wonderful piece of work, this web-site, and thank you for it.

Kai Baer, Finland says A few years back, I was searching for episodes of the Gerry Anderson series UFO, and was helped by two people in the UK. Not only did they help me with my UFO quest, they re-introduced me to The New Avengers, which aired in Finland in the early Eighties (if memory serves me correct). I was amazed how well I remembered the series, and wanted more. Never having seen any of the "original" Avengers, I was introduced to them as well (I believe the original series never aired in Finland, but I could be mistaken). Now, two years later, after being helped by my UK contacts to acquire most of the existing shows, I still hunger for more.

Six months ago, I came across your website, and immediately started to search for the radio shows. I found someone who helped me get the shows that existed back then in mp3 format. Overjoyed by the fact that I now had more Avengers adventures to enjoy, I was also a bit saddened that that seemed to be it. No more Avengers stories, no more Steed and Mrs. Peel. Feeling a huge gratitude toward my contacts in the UK, I of course immediately made copies of the show to my friend, who knew there had been a radio show, but thought none existed. So you can imagine the surprise he got when I mailed him my parcel with loads of audio plays! I even made cover sleeves for them all.

Today, I thought I'd check what's going on on The Avengers websites. I couldn't believe my eyes! Newly discovered shows!!! Oh man, I just can't wait!

Henry Chmielefski, Royersford, Pa USA says Thank you for all your work on this site and for making those recordings of The Avengers radio episodes available to listen to!!! It's great to read the extensive history you record, but now to be able to hear an actual broadcast is even better. Thank you again for all your work!

John Peters, Tennessee, USA says I just listened to George / XR40 (finally!) and have to tell you that you did an excellent job with it. After reading the details of the restoration process and the extreme difficulties it presented, I'm even more impressed with what you accomplished. Again, I'm in awe of your talents. The sections of the tape recordings of Steed and Pelley you mentioned were clearly audible - guess it helped that I was listening through my stereo system. Don't think there's too much you two couldn't accomplish! Best of luck on the others - can't wait to hear them.

Andy Smith, USA says Hi. I have never heard these recordings before, but I am fascinated and intrigued by the stories of their recovery and restoration. Thanks, you are doing a great job in taking an important moment in broadcast history, and restoring it to its proper place, both in SA broadcast archives, but also with the Avengers fan scene, many of whom had previously only heard of a rumour that radio shows were done in South Africa. Thanks.

Walter, Netherlands says Thanks a lot for your hard work. I know what it's like to plough through a bunch of old tapes. I'm busy converting my collection of tapes to CD (using much the same process as you). I enjoyed listening to Poor George very much! Keep up the good work!